Diane Hogan – Founder, A Step Ahead Adoption

A Step Ahead Adoption Services (formerly Step-by-Step Adoption Consultants, Inc.) was founded by Diane Hogan in 1999 in North Carolina. After the Hogan family moved to Colorado Springs, CO, A Step Ahead Adoption Services registered as an S-Corporation in Colorado. The business plan changed and now offers several independent consultants throughout the country who are available t... Read More

Laurel Israel-Sturm – Owner and President, eAdvantage4u, LLC

With over 25 years of franchise, business development, and strategic planning experience, Laurel (“Lori”) Israel Sturm, is a franchise attorney, adjunct professor in MBA Programs, speaker for franchise industry programs and organizations and serves as a trainer, career life coach, and franchise business consultant. Today, through her company, eAdvantage4u, she provides entr... Read More

Reverend Dr. Clara Kirk – Founder, Clara’s House and Clara’s Place

Rev. Kirk began her venture as a shelter provider early in life by adopting several neighborhood children. Her energy and dedication to the service of God established her being named the "mother of Englewood". She is a pertinent source of hope in Chicago's Englewood Community. Her tenacity to fight for others in her community contributed to the creation of Clara's House She... Read More

Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte – Co-Founder and CEO, Professor Peaches

Dr. Kimberly Glazier Leonte graduated from Tufts University in 2008 with a B.A. in clinical psychology and worked as a residential counselor at McLean Hospital (a Harvard Medical School affiliate) in the obsessive-compulsive disorder unit. Later, while earning my masters and PhD, I held numerous part-time jobs and externship positions. Being able to work with different popula... Read More

Laura Everly – Publish Author

See and purchase Laura's book: ... Read More

Dr. Ewa Kleczyk – Executive Director of Analytics – Major Healthcare Systems

Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD is an Executive with a Pharmaceutical Market Research Firm. Ms. Kleczyk received her Doctorate Degree in Economics from Virginia Tech in 2008 and Master’s Degree in Resource Economics and Policy from the University of Maine in 2003. She has been published in peer and non-peer reviewed journals, including PM360, Journal of Medical Marketing, Marketin... Read More

Phyllis B. Ames-Bey – President & CEO

Phyllis was born in Crisfield, Maryland, May 24, 1949. I lived in Crisfield for fifteen years before moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I finished my education at William Penn High School for Girls in 1967. I worked for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Welfare from 1976 to 2007 with a break in service for approximately three and one half years due to an on th... Read More

Sage Crystal – Life Coach

Contact Sage Read More

Diamond Price – Government Relations Consultant

Turn a mess into a message Diamond started her career studying biology and wanted to focus on the brain to eventually become a neurosurgeon. While working as a medical assistant she realized that psychology was her true calling. She believes and lives by the mantra of, "our belief are filtered through our reality and that happiness is not really based on external status, b... Read More

Trish Leonard – Founder & CEO – TLC Marketing & Creative Services

"It's the relationships you build over the years that are the most important thing in business. That’s who I am. A relationship builder." - Trish Leonard Trish Leonard is a master of innovation. No matter what she's doing — whether it's working for a client or working on a community event — Trish isn't content to do things the same old way. Not if there's a better, mo... Read More

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Demetria Davenport – Owner, Luxurious Essentials Travel Day Spa

"I love what I do and the body is an amazing machine. It's fulfilling to help people feel better, whether it’s for relaxation or temporary pain relief. I truly love hearing my clients express how good they feel afterwards and the look on their faces is priceless." Read more of this edition