Meghan Daly Rosselli – Owner, Operator, Graphic Designer: Silver Lace Graphics, LLC

"There was always a collection of magazines lying around from Playboy to National Geographic. The creation of those magazines is what led me to study graphic design in college." Meghan Daly Rosselli began her career in design during her first year. Having loved magazines her entire life, she knew design was her perfect fit. During her college years, Meghan did freelance work... Read More

Donna Humphreys – American Sign Language Interpreter

Beginning her career 30 years ago at the Paul A. Dever State School residential facility, she served mentally disabled persons until the school closed down seven years later. Realizing that she wouldn’t be able to earn a good salary with only a high school diploma, she went back to school at the age of 26. Completing her AS at Massasoit Community College, Donna continued on t... Read More

Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore – Founder, President & CEO, Ceria M. Travis Academy

"It is a privilege to serve this community as the founder, CEO and president of Ceria M. Travis Academy Inc." - Dr. Travis Ceria M. Travis Academies are a main part of their organization. She tells an interesting story of how the seed for this work was planted by her mother's work reaching out to the community. In 1996, Dr. Travis stepped out on faith and opened her school t... Read More

Kimberly Sims – Owner & Operator – Kimberly’s Trucking LLC

Kimberly G. Sims initially started her career in the 1980s as a school bus driver in Salinas, CA; but after moving to Colorado in 1992, she slowly transitioned to driving trucks. While working at Current Factory Outlet as a material handler, she began driving a school bus and making foodservice deliveries for the Fountain-Fort Carson School District until 1995. In 1995, Kimb... Read More

Abby Peel – Owner & Founder, Strategic Social Media

E-Marketing specialist Abby Peel is an expert at creating strategies that allow businesses to raise their public profile through social media. Her company, Strategic Social Media (SSM) strives to teach and manage social media for all its clients. Abby recognizes that social media is quickly becoming a crucial part of a business’s marketing strategy. Through Strategic Social M... Read More

Genevieve Carle, MBA, PMP – President, CGC Services

With more than 25 years of experience in strategic, organizational and operational consulting with top multi-sites and multidisciplinary teams and leaders across the country, Geneviève has both the training and the applied knowledge you are seeking for, whether in project management, process improvement or in the field of change management. She is recognized for finding ori... Read More

Mae LeBlanc – President, A1 Lumpers

After separating from her husband in 1991 after five years of marriage and faced with the challenge of raising two small children alone, Mae LeBlanc was willing to try anything to keep her family secure and comfortable. Keeping an open mind, she accepted a job helping a friend unload trucks in a warehouse for A 1 Lumpers in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The shift began at 7:0... Read More

Gwenda Joyce – Art Ambassador

Gwenda was born into an artistic family. Growing up, Gwenda's mother studied art and design and taught her about color at an early age. From then on Gwenda looked at the world differently. Her brother is a sculptor and a photographer, and sister is a dancer, composer and a musician. Her friends were always artists and throughout her life, she has been surrounded by creative ... Read More

Rose Catalano – CEO, Gems Security Systems and Gemstar Security Service, Ltd.

Rose Catalano's business is in the Greater Toronto area and surrounding cities. Her early childhood was very sheltered; she grew up on a farm in Italy with very traditional parents. Her family immigrated to Canada from Italy when she was a very young girl and, though her father attempted to learn enough of the English language for his work, the family spoke little English at ho... Read More

Donna S. Pearson, CSP – President & CEO of Pearson Safety Services, LLC

Donna's safety career sparked in 1987 with a mechanical contractor in northwest Tennessee, which quickly excelled as she served in various safety and management roles within other organizations including; Loss Control Specialist, Safety Consultant, and Vice-President of Safety. Donna seized the opportunity to move to Southwest Tennessee and start her own consulting service bus... Read More

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Demetria Davenport – Owner, Luxurious Essentials Travel Day Spa

"I love what I do and the body is an amazing machine. It's fulfilling to help people feel better, whether it’s for relaxation or temporary pain relief. I truly love hearing my clients express how good they feel afterwards and the look on their faces is priceless." Read more of this edition