Dr. Bonnie Liakos, DC, DABAN

"When a healthcare practitioner tells you there is nothing else that can be done for you, remember there are always other choices out there. Never give up until you find a person who is willing to try new things to help you get well." Helping patients regain their health is one of Dr. Bonnie Liakos' greatest passions. A veteran in her field, Dr. Liakos has been a pract... Read More

Olivia Frazier Kerr – Business Professor/Coordinator of Business Office Systems and Support Program – El Centro College

I love making a difference in the lives of learners who are hungry for knowledge. The field of education is a rewarding and fitting profession for me." Through her work as a Professor and Coordinator of the Business Office Systems and Support Program at El Centro College, Olivia Frazier Kerr shares her passion for business with her students and provides them with the pro... Read More

Deidre Dare – Senior Corporate Attorney

Her education and natural talent propelled Deidre to the top of her industry. With a sub-specialty in Project Finance, Deidre previously represented Barclay's Bank, as an agent, in a $30,000,000 syndicated secured credit facility to finance the restructuring and operation of Vision Energy and its subsidiaries. At the top of her game, working at Allen & Overy, her position was ... Read More

Naomi Marie “Omi” Preheim – Founder & Principal, OMI Consulting

"Life before age 50 is just homework for what we are really going to do" Founder and Principal at OMI Consulting, Naomi Marie "Omi" Preheim is a highly specialized Spiritual Counselor, Teacher, Astrologer, Energy Healer, Feng Shui Consultant, Designer, and Mentor. She is an expert in spiritual mentoring and metaphysics consulting with a national client base. A sought after p... Read More

Meg Brown – Owner, Photographer, MegaBug Photography; Managing Partner, MegAGLOW Marketing

"I’m a go-getter. Everything I’ve set out to do in my life has been met with criticism and push back, yet I always accomplish what I say I will. Now, when people tell me I can’t do something, I accept it as a challenge. Those around me are in the habit of asking me what’s next and feeling just as excited about it as I am." Founding MegaBug Photography, LLC, in Octob... Read More

Sallie Gawron – Executive Director, Casey’s Edibles

Built on the premise that we all should have options in life, Sallie Gawron formed as Executive Director, A New Lifestyle Health & Wellness online store that sells an assortment of cannabidiol (CBD) products. With a mission to teach people that they not only have options when it comes to taking care of their bodies, but that her products are also beneficial,... Read More

Dr. JoAnn Fisher – CEO & CFO, Women Veterans United Committee

"My determination to make a change for women and children is what has kept me in my career for so long. Before I joined the Navy in 1976, I was a welfare recipient living in California. I promised myself that I would make a change for women and children. While on active duty, I always remembered that promise. As I attended college, I wrote papers on the subject; and throughout ... Read More

Toula Argentis – Owner, CEO – 2B Whole Bakery

With over 20 years of baking experience and as an inspiration for wanting to prepare family meals and desserts for those having sensitive dietary needs pertaining to gluten and other allergen sensitivities, we decided to create 2B Whole in order to provide our customers with the same high-quality baked goods that we provide to our families. This company was started due to baker... Read More

Diane Hudson – Certified Career Coach Trainer

Diane coach’s military, government, universities and industries across the globe… Diane is one of the career coaching & training industry’s leading speakers, writers, and trainers. Her work is published in over 60 books and periodicals. She was a pioneer of resume writing and career coaching; she saw a need for advanced career coaching before the industry even had a n... Read More

Celeste M. Calfe, CMF – President & Owner, Calfe Associates

President and Owner of Calfe & Associates, Celeste M. Calfe is a visionary with a mission to help others excel in their chosen professions. With more than 30 years of experience in the Career Coaching and Leadership Development industry, Celeste founded her company 11 years ago. With thousands of success stories under her belt, Calfe & Associates is now recognized as one of the... Read More

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Demetria Davenport – Owner, Luxurious Essentials Travel Day Spa

"I love what I do and the body is an amazing machine. It's fulfilling to help people feel better, whether it’s for relaxation or temporary pain relief. I truly love hearing my clients express how good they feel afterwards and the look on their faces is priceless." Read more of this edition