Jo Coppola – Mental Health Counselor & Handwriting Analyst

"I continue to love my career both as a Handwriting Analyst and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I feel very strongly that each of us has an opportunity to help others to help themselves." As owner of Voyage of the Pen, Jo helps her clients learn more about their personalities through journaling. She provides individual handwriting analysis, which allows people to connect w... Read More

Lida DalBello-Dighton – Optimal Health Facilitator, Divine Strategies for Wellness

"What inspires me to do what I do is the reaction of the hearts I touch in the people I counsel. People show up at my door with hopelessness, heavy hearts, and despair and walk out strong, hopeful and positive. Ready to embrace whatever life may bring their way. It is so fulfilling for me to finally find my passion in life. Helping others does that for me. A simple change i... Read More

Randi D. Ward – Retired Educator, Author & Entrepreneur

My love for challenging the minds of young people and watching them grow up into responsible, educated adults kept me in my career for 37 years. Retired Language Arts teacher Randi D. Ward has 37 years experience in the field of education and is a talented published author. Mrs. Ward graduated at the top of her high school class and with honors both at her undergraduat... Read More

Meagan Murphy – Managing Director Deliberate Healing Productions, LLC

"My thoughts jumped to the women in my life who were struggling with their breasts in so many different ways. Some had body image issues, others grappled with breastfeeding woes, and still others had cysts or cancer. I realized that what I thought was a strictly personal grief was actually a large-scale problem." The statistics are shocking. Ninety percent of women are u... Read More

Dr. Donna Clovis – Author, Journalist & Professor

"The harder the task, the more persistent I become. None of it has come easy. Follow your dreams. It takes a lot of faith to do this because you don't always see the answers right away. Sometimes they come over time with persistence. But trust that the answers are there." Award-winning journalist, Dr. Donna Clovis brings history to life with her unique ability to share an... Read More

Aileen Nunez, MS – Chief Executive Officer, Famwell Healing Center Corporation

"The biggest lesson I've learned working in my profession is to do the work first. You must make sure you have gone through your own healing process to achieve the success you want others to experience. When you're a living testimony of your work, it validates your belief in what you do and validates your purpose and passion. Clients will respect you more when you buy what ... Read More

Famika Edmond – Owner & Founder, Skiny Mika Healthy Eating and Health Coaching Services

"As a business woman, everything can't always be about the dollar and how much you make. Being able to care about an individual's overall wellbeing is much more significant." Famika's background includes having worked as a Wellness Navigator/Case Manager for Ruth Ellis Center, as a Complex Care Assistant Manager for the University of Michigan Medical School, as a Patient Ca... Read More

Rosemarie K. Lanchester – Hypnosis Consultant

"My biggest inspiration was through my own personal experience. I would not be alive today, were it not for tapping. It has saved my body, mind and soul. My clearing work has kept me from succumbing to the dark side’s influence upon my life. I feel very fortunate to have found these tools to share. I feel that I have been chosen to bring the light to those who seek my hel... Read More

Jyoti Challi – Founder, President & CEO of Banyan Solutions Inc.

"When I got laid off in 2001, my options were to go back to India or stay in America and wait for a job. I knew under the economic circumstances after 9/11, that finding another job soon was unlikely to happen. I could have given up and gone back. Instead, recognizing that if you want to create a new company, the United States is a great place to give it a try, I chose to star... Read More

Nance L. Schick, Esq.

My vision is to empower unity of one, worldwide human race through conflict resolution mastery and entrepreneurship. I want my Third Ear Conflict Resolution program to continue teaching people to forgive themselves for having conflicts and to powerfully resolve them. I want to see people reconnect with their personal gifts and create self-sufficiency from them. I want each of... Read More

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Demetria Davenport – Owner, Luxurious Essentials Travel Day Spa

"I love what I do and the body is an amazing machine. It's fulfilling to help people feel better, whether it’s for relaxation or temporary pain relief. I truly love hearing my clients express how good they feel afterwards and the look on their faces is priceless." Read more of this edition