Pam Labellarte – Special Education Advocate

pam Today’s episode of the Executive Broadcasting Channel podcast features Special Education Advocate, Pam Labellarte.  As a parent of three, two of which have disabilities, she has been providing Special Education Advocacy to individuals and their families for the past 14 years.  As her children grew, she realized the path she needed to take.  She gave up her job as an IT professional and began special education full time.

Pam acts as the “middleman” to advocate for the child and parents with the school boards, to ensure the child gets what they need to help them!

“I have experienced the challenges that my own children have faced due to their disabilities firsthand, and relished in their triumphs.  So, I take my lead from their trials and successes into the work I do with the families who are facing similar and many times greater challenges. This provides me the energy and focus I need to be an effective advocate. Without the inspiration I receive from them every day I would not be able to possess the passion I have for the work I do” – Pam Labellarte


From Advocacy to Action
From Advocacy to Action

She tries to keep in contact and has seen students through to their graduation and beyond!

Her advocacy has moved beyond the schools and spilled into event planning and fundraising.  Her passion is infectious!


“She is a FANTASTIC person, has a heart of gold, and has been thru it ALL! She is now in private practice. I know many who have used her, and their children’s lives have been forever changed! She not only teaches parents how to advocate, but more important, teaches children how to advocate for themselves…baby steps, right?”.”
~~ Jill Kron, Parent


Contact Pam:

Phone:      847-401-5053
Fax:          847-566-4431

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