Melissa Carter – Entrepreneur, Author, Reiki Practitioner

Melissa Carter is the owner of the Wholistic Package. Melissa is a certified Reiki level one and two Practitioner. She believes through energy, work and healing that balance can be restored for the overall well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Being a busy career woman, Melissa knows the experience of living a hectic life and began Reiki sessions as a way to bring calm and peace into her own life. Melissa has always worked in the service field and has volunteered with several organizations over the years and enjoys helping others. Melissa studied Reiki in hopes of providing wellness for other people’s lives and to offer the benefits that Reiki has provided to her life. Reiki is unique to each person and the Wholistic Package recognizes and embraces the importance of how Reiki uniquely affects each individual.

Melissa began her writing with poetry and was inspired to write children’s books to send a positive message to children and be a positive role model in children’s lives. Currently, Melissa working on additional writing projects.

Her main message is to be inspired in your life, follow your dreams and passions and share the gift of your passions with others.

In addition to Reiki and writing, Melissa works full time in marketing, and has a background in communications, fundraising and event planning.


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