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Margery (Marge) Phelps, Author and Health Coach, believes that teaching children about proper nutrition should and can be fun. She has authored several books for adults including her new novel Chasing the Wind and New Life Naturally, a wonderfully written health book packed with entertaining information on the body human and how to keep it healthy. She is also co-author of A Juicy Joyful Life, Inspiration for Women Who’ve Found the Sweetness in Every Day. This book made the HOT #1 Best Seller List in Self-Help and Spirituality at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Finding Margaret
Finding Margaret
Mighty Me and the Rainbow Plate
Mighty Me and the Rainbow Plate
Halo's Glow
Halo’s Glow
New Life... naturally: the home guide to harmonious health
New Life… naturally: the home guide to harmonious health

“All religions and their theologians profess to know “The Truth.” Because of my personal journey and discoveries, I believe every Soul must find it’s own truth by walking its own path. This may sound harsh or heretical (I am a devout Christian) but when you filter down through all the ego stuff — and all the rules and regulations imposed by various cultures and religions — ultimately our journey here is all about our own personal relationship to God.

We display our relationship to our Creator through our interactions with other Souls; if church attendance helps us have a better connection to the Divine, that’s great. It does not mean that the church-goer is a better person, or more “right with God.” – Marge Phelps

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