Barbara Williamson – Icon of the Sexual Revolution

barbara-will2Barbara Williamson was born in the Midwest in 1939. From a very early age, she realized there was something wrong with women’s rights.

She graduated High School and moved to the West Coast to create her own path, rather than one dictated for her by society at large. Williamson began working at a male-dominated Fortune 500 company, where she quickly moved up the ranks. But upon reaching the “American dream,” she felt unfulfilled.

That is when she met her life partner and founded the Sandstone Retreat, a rebellious, sexually charged commune where sexual freedom and expression were encouraged and celebrated.

Upon retirement from the Principal Financial Group in 1996, she felt a calling to work in wildlife conservation – specifically, lion and tiger preservation.

With the help of her partner, John, Williamson built a wildlife sanctuary and research facility for endangered wild cats, naming it Tiger Touch Sanctuary.

She currently lives with and cares for wild cats at the Tiger Touch Sanctuary, studying how the animals bond with humans and where both species’ futures lie.


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Phone: (775) 423-8277

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