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We are looking forward to a stellar 2016! The team here at Women of Distinction Magazine is working diligently to make 2016 our finest year yet!

Women are at the top of the world right now. We are running industries, and small business growth is continuing to climb. More than ever, women are being recognized for their work and showing no signs of slowing down.

The magazine was founded on the premise to create a platform unlike any other. It’s a place where real women can tell their real life stories. It’s a venue where the leaders of tomorrow can learn from those who have been there and paved the way.As a mother of two young girls, it hit me one day. They were constantly bombarded with images of women being showcased for their bikini bodies,and magazines consumed with make-up, hair, home decor, and recipes for the perfect casserole. I saw a need.

Here I was, a working mother of two. I am so much more than a face with the right eyeshadow. I’m so much better than the right kind of purse. I am the one that keeps it all together for my family. I’m the cook, housekeeper, teacher, taxi, and bankroll. While I do appreciate a great casserole recipe as much as the next gal, there’s so much more that makes up what I stand for as a woman. But, do my children know that? What should they know about me and all of the incredible women out there?

Women are achieving in every industry. We are doctors and contractors, engineers and lawyers, educators, athletes, and everything in between. We have represented them all. As we continue to grow, we are learning so much about the new trends, markets, and resources becoming available. The thousands of women and stories we’ve come across have been a real inspiration for us. In 2016 we are extending our reach to include some incredible women in Canada. In fact, we are excited to announce the launch of several Canadian Women of Distinction magazines!

Over the years, we’ve found many who have tried to duplicate us, and others who have tried to put us down. Through it all, we are proud to have come out on top. We have proudly featured over 40 publications in 2015, due to a determined research and editorial team. Most of all, it’s because of you, the REAL Women of Distinction. We couldn’t have done it without you!

I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful women we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We look forward to the next generation of greatness this year. We have a lot to talk about ladies!


Marissa Bacchi

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